Laboratory supplies 

 - General Laboratory Equipments

 - General Medical Equipments

 - Testing Civil equipments

 - Research Equipments

 - Diagnostic Reagents

 - Blood Grouping Reagents

 - Chemicals and Solvents

 - Culture Media

 - Glasswares

 - Plasticwares



Distributors of

Biosystems for Biochemistry reagents and instrumentation

Boule Medical for Haematology Instruments

Biocare Taiwan for Electrolytes, Glucometers and Medical Instruments 

MRS Scientific for Scientific Products

Lorne for Blood Grouping Antisera 

Techno Pharmachem for Chemicals

Surechem for Chemicals

Biobase for Biosafety Cabinet, Laminarflow, Fumehood

Snibe for Immunology Analysers

Himedia for culture media

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