RESCUE Ambulance bike

RESCUE Ambulance Bike
The RESCUE Ambulance Bike is the world's first FULLY EQUIPPED Ambulance Bike designed and built by Biswal company. It is meant to tackle city traffic and narrow lanes with utmost ease, beacause while saving lives, each second counts.

RESCUE Ambulance bike is an ideal ambulance in cities where there are no Emergency lanes available.

The RESCUE Ambulance Bike is able to respond to a MEDICAL EMERGENCY much faster than a car or van in heavy traffic, which can increase survival rates for patients suffering cardiac arrest.

The RESCUE Ambulance is manned by trained paramedics, with basic life support equipment and life saving drugs.

Each RESCUE Ambulance Bike is equipped with Splints to immobilize  broken bones and stabilize cervical spine ( the most susceptible part to injury in a road accident). It is also equipped with an oxygen cylinder and a brathing bag to assist during the life saving process. In addition it carries a Heavy Duty portable suction apparatus, to facilitate clearing the mouth and throat of any obstructing material like blood or vomit. The new MICRO ECG 12 channels and the Defibrillator fitted on the RESCUE Ambulance Bike show their best efficiency on the RESCUE Ambulance Bike.

RESCUE Ambulance Bike was launched at Arab Health in year 2012.

It has been exported to several countries with success.